About Us

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that is achieved by a singular thought in which suggestion is more readily accepted.  A more general definition is being more suggestible than usual.  This enhanced suggestibility is created by a specific formula:  Expectation + Realization = Belief .  Hypnosis is a state of heightened mental awareness using repetition, fixation, and relaxation.  My first experience with hypnosis I was disappointed.

I thought I would be “put under” and some “magic” would be performed on me and I would wake up cured!!  Since then, I have learned that many people believe that too, and are afraid of that happening to them.  Contrary to my original belief hypnosis is very natural and we all experience hypnotic states many times.   

Like everyone I’ve met I have lived a life of great joy and sorrows, successes, and failures.  The journey of trying to find my “authentic” self finally made sense after discovering hypnosis.  Through hypnosis I found a healthier lifestyle with weight loss, quitting smoking after 35 years and how to live a balanced life within myself.  These tools were so profound in my life I decided to make it my life’s journey to study and help others.  I continue to study with the Master Hypnotist Society Canada, Hypnosis Training Canada, and a member of the mentorship program.  This allows me to continue my education and have access to the best of the best hypnotists on a weekly basis.  I offer a safe space for you to come and learn the tools you need to meet your Authentic You. 


Success with Hypnosis depends on the Client’s Motivation, Cooperation, Attitude, and Attendance at Scheduled sessions. We realize that the time required for an individual to obtain their personal goal will vary since every individual is unique. Although it is not possible to guarantee human behaviours, Authentic You Hypnosis does provide a written guarantee to all our clients: “Once a program is paid in full, there are no charges for additional sessions regardless of how long you take to achieve the original goal of your program. Authentic You Hypnosis will provide FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions as needed (maximum of one per month) until you achieve your goal.” Should you ever go back to your habit or problem, you can request additional hypnosis sessions for as long as Authentic You Hypnosis is in business.